Notary public fees

Notary public fees may not exceed fees outlined by the Florida Statutes.

117.05 Use of notary commission; unlawful use; notary fee; seal; duties; employer liability; name change; advertising; photocopies; penalties.

(2)(a) The fee of a notary public may not exceed $10 for any one notarial act, except as provided in s. 117.045.

117.045 Marriages.A notary public is authorized to solemnize the rites of matrimony. For solemnizing the rites of matrimony, the fee of a notary public may not exceed those provided by law to the clerks of the circuit court for like services.
History.s. 4, ch. 98-246.

28.24 Service charges.The clerk of the circuit court shall charge for services rendered manually or electronically by the clerk’s office in recording documents and instruments and in performing other specified duties. These charges may not exceed those specified in this section, except as provided in s. 28.345.
(24) For solemnizing matrimony..........30.00

Solemnization of marriage

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